Monday, December 10, 2012

The words in a book, the colors, shapes and textures on a painting or a photograph, the time of day, the color of the sky, the weather, the seasons, the way light shines down on or reflects off of or even through certain types of objects; the way it casts shadows on other objects,...these are the things that can inspire moods, paintings, photographs, video, poetry, fashion and, yes, even music. These are the types of elements that have inspired the music of Symmetry over the last 30 years.
The "raw material", for lack of a better description, is the music of other artists,...some from the present, but mostly from the past and from different regions of the world. There's a whole litany of artists in almost every genre whose music has been recorded and mashed together in our subconscious minds so that, when we create our own music, what comes out is the sum total of everything we've heard.
In a sense, we are what we eat.